Thank you for visiting my portfolio. My name is Wendy Routman and I am a graphic designer. As silly as this may sound, I became one at a very early age. I was born in Bogotá, Colombia where I grew up under the wings of a mother whose life was submerged in the field of communications. I grew up surrounded by artists, designers and non-profits. Serving others have been my calling since I can remember. 
My family relocated to the United States in 2000 and since then I've been growing in the field of graphic design every day.

After high school in Colombia, I studied pre-press at a local trade school, which gave me great insight into the foundations of offset and digital printing. I have an associates degree in graphic design from Hillsborough Community College. I have worked with in-house teams and collaborated on many creative works in branding, book publishing, web design, packaging and product development. I understand the dynamics of deadlines, fast-paced environments and production of visual aids derived from many channels of communication. In regards to web design, I understand every step, from prototyping to collaborating with developers, to publishing the final product. I enjoy discovering and adapting new technologies that help solving a problem or creating a trending solution. 
I am goal oriented when it comes to delivering effective and impactful solutions for clients. I am comfortable working under the direction of others as well as leading a team with a common goal. I am always looking for constructive criticism and appreciate it as well since I consider others as the eyes I need to see what I can't. 

I practice and love film and digital photography. I draw and paint occasionally as well for my own sanity.
I play tennis and run to maintain physical health, and love going on nature walks for recharging my mind and spirit.

I am happily married to a wonderful man whom I love and share two lovely children with. They are my living support.
I believe in good work ethics, respect for each another, team work and hard work. I'm a member of a Christ-following church where I volunteer in the media department as well.
I do what I love and enjoy it.
Thank you for reading. 

Adobe Creative Cloud - All graphic design tools.

For Digital Art:
Adobe Fresco, Procreate, all other Adobe Apps

For Motion Graphics, Web and Prototyping:
Adobe Express, Adobe Xd, Adobe After Effects, most mayor commonly known web editors (Squarespace, Wordpress.org., Shopify, Canva

For Project Management:
SalesForce, Slack, Monday and Toggle
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